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Hillary gets the all important ISIS endorsement

ISIS capo di tutti capi Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has given Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign two thumbs up. Rumour has it that Baghdadi recently told members and followers of ISIS that while Clinton refuses to recognize their movement as Islamist that's still no reason not to support the former Secretary of State's  presidential ambitions. "Look guys she may deny our religion, and yes normally that would require a beheading, but let's face it, she's been good to us in the past, and there's no reason to think that won't continue when she's president," was apparently the message to followers of the radical terrorist group. "I mean Trump is definitely not good for our cause, even if he does recognize we're Islamic, but that's a small consolation when he's leading the charge to wipe us off the map, I mean, am I right?" Baghdadi admitted Clinton is also close to the Iranians and supports their takeover of Mosul and sou