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The Fantasy World of the Anti-Trumpers

It's hardly a revelation that those on the left often have a tenuous relation with reality. After all how do you reconcile free university education and free healthcare for 320 million people if you're not able to simply divorce yourself from basic economics (they really do believe the U.S can simply print enough money to make all their socialist dreams come true).
Those ideas were fervently embraced by the Bernie Sanders supporters, who apparently thought that Bernie's idea of turning America into a latter day Weimar Republic was just the sort of bold thinking needed for today's problems. How they might have divorced themselves from the reality of no longer being able to afford consumer goods might have been comic relief as we watched the economy self-destruct under a Sander's presidency, but that would have been a small consolation indeed.
Instead Hillary won, er, that is had the Democratic nomination given to her, and w…