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Banned from

Well so much for being a bastion of free speech, it turns out they are in fact complete frauds.
Supported by big libertarian Youtubers, Sargon of Akkad, Bearing and Computing Forever, to name just a few, it was supposed to be the answer to Facebook and Twitters  growing censorship of anything non-feminist, non-SJW or non-pro Islam.
The site 'rewards' users for activity (quotes because the reward is debatable) and has billed itself as the Internet's most open and accepting social media platform. That is until you get banned from it.
I was very active on the site  early this morning (Feb 24) but by late afternoon as unable to log back in. Apparently, the most open and accepting social media platform on the Internet, has it's limits too.
Those limits would be videos critical of Islam, sigh, how predictable. So how do users like Atheism is Unstoppable continue to use the site? I suppose because he has a great deal of followers. doesn't want…

Islam in Canada = end of our freedom

M103 first step for Sharia in Canada it must be stopped!

Very fake news and the Nazi brigade

The Swedish Incident, is Sweden everyday

threat of Islam covered up by fake news