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Showing posts from November 15, 2016

Swastikas and other SJW Hoaxes

The post Trump election fad among the whining class is to fake hate crimes through the use of Nazi imagery and KKK/white supremacist slogans.

I say fad, but in fact these fake hate crimes are crimes, vandalism and mischief as far as the criminal code goes, and a horrible crime against society. It's one thing to protest Trump's election, and another thing entirely to try create a narrative out of whole cloth that Trump's election has unleashed a wave of hate crimes (in Canada as well as the U.S).

No sooner had Hillary conceded the election in the early hours of Nov 9th than would be SJWs were on social media saying Muslim women were scared of having their hijabs ripped off their heads based on absolutely nothing but their own fevered imaginations. Then lo and behold in the days following the election we suddenly heard story after of women having their hijabs ripped from their heads. Of course there were no witnesses to any of these crimes, and in more than one case it was p…