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Showing posts from November 29, 2016

Trudeau Jr. a.k.a Little Potato, a.k.a PM Selfie demonstrates his stupidity on the world stage

Poor Justin Trudeau, right now he's probably wondering why suddenly he's facing criticism? After all that's not supposed to be part of the media script. He's supposed to say stuff, like, important stuff, and then they're supposed to express how wonderful he is, coo about his cool yoga poses and his great hair. Not laugh at him.
But this past week that's exactly what the world is doing, having a good laugh at Justin's lavish praise for his Uncle Fidel who recently passed away. The rest of the world knew him as the murderous dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro. The man who imprisoned gays for the crime of being gay (but don't worry Justin, you'll still be invited to all the pride marches this summer) Castro also summarily executed thousands of dissidents and thousands more after mock trials. Many found themselves imprisoned indefinitely for not showing enough love to this "much loved leader."
Even the newspaper of record for the far left, The Gu…