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President Trump has many secret supporters in the LGBT community

LGBT Anti-Trump Protest in DC Fizzles Bigly16491 16
Lee Stranahan byLEE STRANAHAN19 Feb 20174,021

Intolerant left/liberal media unwittingly help Pres. Trump

New York Times Warns Readers: Unhinged Leftist Hate ‘Helping Trump’8081 17 Michael Ares/Palm Beach Post via AP byBREITBART NEWS19 Feb 20172,013

Heritage Minister & Iqra Khalid plan next step in outlawing free speech

It was nothing more than a statement from the government condemning racism, said the ruling Liberals. 'Conservative' columnists Andrew Coyne and Kelly McParland told us it was nothing to think twice about (if those guys are conservatives then we're living in Bizarro World) and any criticism of it meant you were a fascist (yes, this guys are middle aged SJWs).
Of course, as all of those opposed to Motion 103 (M103) knew, it never stops with a motion. The motion becomes a bill, the bill becomes law, the law gets precedence, and then throw out the Constitution because we live in  police state.
Guys like Coyne and McParland like police states, because they feel as part of the media establishment they'll always be protected by government (as long as they tow the line, which they are only too happy to do, in return for their government subsidized paycheque). And Heritage Minister Melanie Joly and MP Iqra Khalid (the author of the motion) like a police state, because they are