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Al Gore's untruth sequel

With all of the concern over fake news, one would think people would be pointing accusatory fingers at Al Gore, who to date, has propagated the biggest fake news story of the 21st century.
I speak of course of global warming/climate change, or whatever the fashionable sobriquet of the day is for the movement to force all of us unrepentant sinners into cold dark caves to atone for our wicked fossil fuel addictions.
Although Al Gore's 2005 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth made him and all those involved in it many millions of dollars and won them a Best Documentary Oscar and the adulation of the liberal Hollywood elites, the proles, he shockingly discovered, were willing to shell out $8 to be terrified by his droning monotone predictions of doom and gloom, but had no interest in becoming converts to the church of Global Warming.

While the masses apparently found some entertainment value in watching the nerdy fat ass with the funny voice tell them how the world was doomed, it did …