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Showing posts from October 29, 2016

Comey Covering his Ass on Clinton Corruption

The biggest question from the predictable liberal media yesterday (Oct 28) was not what had Hillary done now, but why would Comey reopen the investigation now?
Before it was confirmed the new emails of interest came from an unrelated investigation into the sexual antics of Anthony 'Can't Keep it in his Pants' Weiner, most observers felt the renewed investigation was the result of an internal revolt at the FBI.
Dozens and dozens of agents spent over a year investigating Hillary's private (and illegal) email server, confirmed that she was in violation of U.S. national security laws, the same laws that saw (as just one example) General Petraeus convicted of offences regarding the leaking of classified information to a girlfriend. Obviously it was without the intent to commit treason, but the law is the law... unless you are Hillary Clinton.
With that in mind (the General Petraeus part) one can imagine the outrage from aforementioned dozens and dozens of FBI agents, when F…