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Showing posts from January 13, 2017

Defamation from National Post reporter

Yesterday after a brief twitter exchange involving an unfunny joke from National Post reporter, Tristin Hopper, he jumped to defamation and called me jobless. Actually no, I'm a working journalist, but Hopper is part of the Canadian media establishment, which has blacklisted me for being an entrepreneur (I started my own newspaper, and other publications) and so to him, I imagine, libel is fair game.

In the Canadian press if you don't work for one of the intertwined four print media companies you are an outsider; if you in anyway challenge their markets, you are a threat, and subject to slander, phone hacking, being followed by private investigators, and any other technique they can devise to drag you through the mud.

Hopper, as a loyal peon to that establishment loves to jump in with the mud flinging as soon as the opportunity arises (as demonstrated yesterday). Ironically his career in journalism started at the Yukon News, which remained independent till 2013 before selling…