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Milo's book, Dangerous, underwire from liberal media before even being published.

Europe rapidly becoming Islamic state

George Soros linked to anti-Trump paid protesters

A Politico profile of a new anti-Trump protest movement calling itself “Indivisible” reported that “conservatives” are “spreading unfounded rumors” that the group is “being driven by wealthy donors like George Soros.”
Politico, however, seemingly failed to do even the most minimal research on the Indivisible leaders cited in the news outlet’s own profile.  Some of those personalities are openly associated with groups financed by Soros. Politico further failed to note that the organizations cited in its article as helping to amplify Indivisible’s message are either financed directly by Soros or have close ties to groups funded by the billionaire. “Inside the protest movement that has Republicans reeling,” was the title of the Politico profile. Citing Angel Padilla, a co-founder of the group, Politico reported: Dubbed “Indivisible,” the group launched as a way for Padilla and a handful of fellow ex-Democratic aides to channel their post-election heartbreak into a manual for quashing Pre…