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Tory leadership race: 12 dwarves and one Mad Max

The Tory leadership candidates held the French language debate last night (Jan 17) and collectively they decided it was time to take frontrunner Maxine Bernier down a peg, by piling on and dubbing him Mad Max (you know, for having policies and stuff). Nothing says desperate so much as taking potshots at the guy in front. And note how well that worked for Trump's opponents leading up to and over the Republican primaries.  But in case you're not quite up to date on the 14 declared candidates heres a handy primer on who's who:

Erin O'Toole: The establishment favourite, and predictably has the usual non-platform platform, his major plank so far being tax credits for youth unemployment and student debt. So to the former, presumably means tax breaks for companies hiring younger workers, which has been tried for decades with little to no success, and the latter presumably would allow students to deduct student debt from future earnings. All in all his platform is the usual mi…

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