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Rogue One an SJW story

So the writers of the new Star Wars movie would like us to know that they few the Star Wars universe as the rebel alliance being a multi-cultural society, led by brave women, fighting a white supremacist empire.

Great, popular entertainment is now a women/genders studies course, sounds like fun doesn't it? What would be social engineers in Hollywood don't realize is biological reality is hard to overcome. Some women today might like to see portrayals of how they too can join in the adventurous fun, but not at the expense of denigrating men (okay in this instance it's just white men) most women want a man to be a man when it comes right down to it, not a apologizing simply for existing beta male.

Look, I'm as opened minded as anyone, I'm not saying gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, colour or anything else under the protected class umbrella, is incapable of being adventurous and heroic. We've had resourceful brave women in movies for decades (Ripley anyon…