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The Ghost of Christmas Future

Winter Festival is always such a magical time of year. I for one, always embrace it. Of course there was for a time some debate whether or not it should be called Winter Festival. Since not everyone in Canada originally come from places where there is winter, and so might find it exclusionary.
At one point a group suggested calling it Festivus, which was gaining in popularity until it was discovered the name Festivus was actually a 'joke' name from an old TV show. Well the young men responsible will be spending a long time in reeducation as a result of their hate crime, hope the 'joke' was worth it boys.
Reeducation isn't always that bad, some even enter it voluntarily, but for hate crimes it usually involves a long stay and oftentimes severe techniques to achieve the desired results with subjects. I wasn't at first in favour of the reeducation system (I know, check your privilege) but now I do see how necessary it is to achieve a safe and free society.