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Comey Covering his Ass on Clinton Corruption

The biggest question from the predictable liberal media yesterday (Oct 28) was not what had Hillary done now, but why would Comey reopen the investigation now?
Before it was confirmed the new emails of interest came from an unrelated investigation into the sexual antics of Anthony 'Can't Keep it in his Pants' Weiner, most observers felt the renewed investigation was the result of an internal revolt at the FBI.
Dozens and dozens of agents spent over a year investigating Hillary's private (and illegal) email server, confirmed that she was in violation of U.S. national security laws, the same laws that saw (as just one example) General Petraeus convicted of offences regarding the leaking of classified information to a girlfriend. Obviously it was without the intent to commit treason, but the law is the law... unless you are Hillary Clinton.
With that in mind (the General Petraeus part) one can imagine the outrage from aforementioned dozens and dozens of FBI agents, when FBI Director, James Comey stood in front of a press conference a few months back and effectively said, 'well yes, she's guilty as hell, but there was no intent, so no harm, no foul, right guys?"
The (to borrow a phrase from Mark Steyn) court eunuchs of the liberal media, shrugged, and collectively said, sure, sounds about right to us. But because the MSM are nothing more than sycophantic stenographers for the Clinton machine, we have have seen the meteoric rise of the alt-right media.
This is the same media that both Obama (truthiness test, don't call it state censorship) and Hillary have vowed to shut down. In the meantime they're still around to bring up pesky annoyances like, a presidential candidate breaking federal law multiple times, lying to Congress and her seizures at public events. Damn that First Amendment, no wonder Obama and Hillary want it gone, then we wouldn't have anymore of that crazy rightwing stuff, sometimes known as the 'truth.'
But I digress, Hillary, Obama, the DOJ couldn't keep a lid on the scope of the Clinton corruption, and despite focusing on Trump using naughty words, citizens, and not just Republicans, were starting to wonder if perhaps the United States of America wasn't starting to look a little too much like Hugo Chavez's Venezuela?
So, and I have no doubt about this, Comey had to give the agents working on the case, and many others just disgusted with his bending of the knee to the Clinton machine, something, so as to feel like they were still living in a constitutional representative republic, and not some stereotypical Latin America dictatorship of the 1960s.
Then came the revelation that the emails in question came from Hillary gal pal (they're, just like, really, really good friends it's nothing sexual or anything) Huma Abiden's husband Anthony 'Can't Keep it in... oh right I used that one already. Well, anyway, the reliably compliant MSM jumped on that one, telling us it was really about Huma Abiden and her sleazy husband, so how much then is it really about Hillary? Come on, this is just "revisionist history" (CNN's Chris Cuomo), "It's just rumours" (Hillary Clinton), "Comey's just a Republican tool," (looney-left-liberals everywhere).
Then the DOJ, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, that would be the Attorney General who had a secret meeting with the husband of an ongoing FBI investigation (but they just talked about grandkids) just a few weeks before Comey's announcement, was shocked, do you hear me shocked, to hear there's gambling going on here! Okay, that quote's not really applicable here, but when the Attorney General of the world's superpower is acting like the corrupt police captain in third world French colony, well...
To get back on point, Lynch was shocked that Comey had violated the agreement she had made with Bill, not to prosecute Hillary, and she'd stay on as AG... er, I mean to share Instagram pics of their grandkids (really guys, grandkids? That was the best cover story you could come up with?)
But Comey, despite being leaned on by the DOJ, mocked by the MSM and vilified by the DNC, knows he doesn't want to be the last one standing when the music stops. He probably figures there's no way the powers that be (even the Clinton machine) can keep a lid on all of the corruption, and illegal activity done by and for Hillary forever, especially with dozens of pissed off FBI agents who like nothing more than to thrown their spineless boss under the bus.
And so, given the opportunity to reopen the investigation, so when the special prosecutor starts issuing subpoenas a couple of years from now, he can claim to have done his best to work for the American people, not the Clintons. I'm sure Hillary's already been on the phone to Comey, yelling, "Wtf Comey? I own you bitch!" But as spineless as Comey has proven himself to be, he also knows nobody with the liabilities the Clintons have accrued over the years, can stay immune forever.


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