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The Fantasy World of the Anti-Trumpers

It's hardly a revelation that those on the left often have a tenuous relation with reality. After all how do you reconcile free university education and free healthcare for 320 million people if you're not able to simply divorce yourself from basic economics (they really do believe the U.S can simply print enough money to make all their socialist dreams come true).
Those ideas were fervently embraced by the Bernie Sanders supporters, who apparently thought that Bernie's idea of turning America into a latter day Weimar Republic was just the sort of bold thinking needed for today's problems. How they might have divorced themselves from the reality of no longer being able to afford consumer goods might have been comic relief as we watched the economy self-destruct under a Sander's presidency, but that would have been a small consolation indeed.
Instead Hillary won, er, that is had the Democratic nomination given to her, and went on of course to lose to Republican Donald Trump (who's party tried to give the nomination to Jeb Bush, but apparently they haven't quite reached the level of corruption of the Dems).
So now we have millions of millennials mourning the loss of Hillary Clinton, first came the tears, then came the outrage and finally the rioting, looting and assaults. The Main Stream Media have covered little of the last three, but were certainly quick to document the outrage. On CNN even one of their own camera men couldn't contain himself after the Trump victory and, well hell, why not get it on the air (maybe we might forget to say he's with CNN but just look at his passion, we can't allow this Trump victory to stand).
Said CNN cameraman was big on the supposed fact that Hillary won the popular vote, 'one vote, one person, that's how it's supposed to be, sue America Hillary,' was I think how his rant went. And it's a popular refrain with the rest of the protesters, who maintain that if the U.S would just do away with the Electoral College then they'd stop rioting, looting and dragging people from cars and assaulting them, see they're reasonable people (shades of Negan on the Walking Dead, but don't let that alarm you).
However as it turns out Trump won the popular vote, but rest assured, whiny SJWs and the BLM gang never let things like facts get in the way of their grievances. There will soon be smoother reason posited why Trump's presidency should be delegitimized or, as I wrote earlier, why bother with reality at all?
After all the very crimes they accuse Trump of are invented wholesale, so why not just invent the numbers needed to show Hillary Clinton as the real winner of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, it's not like the MSM will report their lies, in fact there's probably another CNN camera man out there with a passionate diatribe at the ready on how the people (that is the people opposed to Trump) must
be listened to.
And just how bad is president elect Trump? According to protestors (the following have all been uttered by butt hurt millennials in recent days): He has called all Mexicans rapists, which in turn contributes to rape culture, he is going to deport tens of millions of people, he's going to send black people back to Africa, he calls women fat slobs (even if he just said it to Rosie O'Donnell it still applies to all women) he's assaulted women (doesn't matter if he said women let him touch them, they don't know any better, it's still sexual assault) he's being tried for child rape, a former (unidentified wife) tried to charge him with marital rape, but a U.S. judge said she was his property and it wasn't rape. He's anti gay (those times he voiced his support of the LGBT community were all lies), he's ableist (?) and of course the ever popular, he's literally Hitler, not too mention he's going to start World War III.
Well no wonder they want to overturn democracy and install Hillary as president.


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