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Swastikas and other SJW Hoaxes

The post Trump election fad among the whining class is to fake hate crimes through the use of Nazi imagery and KKK/white supremacist slogans.

I say fad, but in fact these fake hate crimes are crimes, vandalism and mischief as far as the criminal code goes, and a horrible crime against society. It's one thing to protest Trump's election, and another thing entirely to try create a narrative out of whole cloth that Trump's election has unleashed a wave of hate crimes (in Canada as well as the U.S).

No sooner had Hillary conceded the election in the early hours of Nov 9th than would be SJWs were on social media saying Muslim women were scared of having their hijabs ripped off their heads based on absolutely nothing but their own fevered imaginations. Then lo and behold in the days following the election we suddenly heard story after of women having their hijabs ripped from their heads. Of course there were no witnesses to any of these crimes, and in more than one case it was proven the woman in question was making a false claim.

But no matter how many times these 'attacks' are debunked as hoaxes, the claims will never stop. Anticipate a lot of the following, "My friend in (fill in conveniently distant city) knows a Muslim girl who had her hijab ripped off her head by these two white guys." I notice the stories do have a common thread, the supposed attacks almost always are described as taking place in the middle of the day (presumably to make them sound that much more egregious to society) and usually involve two white men (sometimes armed with bats, but never guns or knives).

The other hate crime hoax is the scary painting of racist slogans or KKK or a swastika on some high profile building, always followed by the claim: 'look at the hate Trump's election has unleashed.'
Again they are drearily similar all across the country, and while a few have been caught out that hasn't stopped assorted SJWs, liberals and other whiny millennials from screaming hate crime overtime a new act of supposedly racist vandalism occurs.

Which, as they know, is all you have to do, the MSM will run sole pieces about the new racial hatred in America under Trump, and ignore any story proving these 'hate crimes' as the horrible propaganda that they are.


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