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Rogue One an SJW story

I'm a girl, so I'm automatically good at everything and like super brave, unlike those icky boys. 

So the writers of the new Star Wars movie would like us to know that they few the Star Wars universe as the rebel alliance being a multi-cultural society, led by brave women, fighting a white supremacist empire.

Look at me, I walk like a guy, but I'm more badass cause I don't have a penis.

Great, popular entertainment is now a women/genders studies course, sounds like fun doesn't it? What would be social engineers in Hollywood don't realize is biological reality is hard to overcome. Some women today might like to see portrayals of how they too can join in the adventurous fun, but not at the expense of denigrating men (okay in this instance it's just white men) most women want a man to be a man when it comes right down to it, not a apologizing simply for existing beta male.

I'm a man, but it's okay, I'm not white, so you can still root for me.

Look, I'm as opened minded as anyone, I'm not saying gender, sexual orientation, race, creed, colour or anything else under the protected class umbrella, is incapable of being adventurous and heroic. We've had resourceful brave women in movies for decades (Ripley anyone? And no that's not the only example, but I'm not going to list them) however, two Star Wars movies in a row with the same female character (basically) is a bit much. Then add in making the leaders of the rebellion women and you've lost me, and about 90 percent of your audience.
Women might like the idea of being portrayed as adventurous, but it's not in their DNA, fighting, leading, heroism are part of a boys DNA, but the Star Wars narrative wants to tell boys they're not very good at all that, leave it to the girls.

Oh oh, white male alert!

Remember that biological reality? Girls don't dream about fighting empires, you can have as many heroic portrayals of 120 lb women in popular culture wiping out 6'2 220 lb men, and they might get a kick out of it, but they're never going to actually fight anyone. Boys play fight constantly and real fight occasionally, that's part of being a boy (it's not toxic, it's just being male).
Women (for the most part) also don't lead. Certainly some can and do, and their are heroic female leaders, but they are rare. There's a reason why women, despite all of the endless encouragement and in the case of Canada (quotas) largely don't go into politics, leading and confrontation is not appealing to them. But intelligent young men, who do aspire to work for society, to butt heads in the name of their ideology and champion their ideas, are being turned away, and discouraged before they get out of the gate, cause, it's 2016, and we don't need more men (and God forbid, white men).
With that said,  if you now want to spend $15 to get yet another lecture on how horrible men are, then you're beyond hope. Sure, the special effects are great, and they are some good battle scenes, but what's there to relate to? This film tells you you're evil.
A rebellion actually run by women would never defeat the Empire, since risk taking, as anyone outside of a women's studies course will tell you is not a female trait. So if you must see Rogue One, I suppose you could view it as an unintentional comedy, but is that really worth it?


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