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The War on Free Speech

The War on Free Speech 2017
“The guy has freedom of speech but to fund him & give him a platform tells me a LOT about @simonschuster YUCK AND BOO AND GROSS,” declared Sarah Silverman when she discovered Milo Yiannopoulos had just closed a book deal for a quarter million dollars. Fellow feminist Judd Apatow was equally disheartened and added, “we can not let hatemongers get rich off of their cruelty.” The left hates Milo not because he is racist or homophobic (he’s a gay man who fucks blacks) or a woman-hater or a fat-shamer or any other histrionic hyperbole; they hate him because he ridicules their belief system. This is especially evident when you touch their Virgin Mary, the black woman. 
As I’ve discussed before, liberals are obsessed with black women. White men will mock other white men for not being caught up on the latest episodes of the black chick show Scandal (1:55). They worship Beyonc√© like her farts cure cancer and when Kanye dared to imply he was over her “playing the politics,” he was sent to the loony bin. Even fat, ugly, talentless hacks such as Leslie Jones are untouchable, and this is really the core of their Milo hatred. This is what Judd meant when he said “cruelty.” For the record, libs, Leslie knows she’s a dog. It’s 90 percent of her comedy. She hits on men who shudder at the thought and it sells cars. She threatens to eat midgets and America laughs. On talk shows she used to joke about being called an ape and said she was going to call “yo mama one.” Unfortunately, after years of being offered the red carpet of victimhood, she couldn’t resist walking down it. She pleaded with the head of Twitter to save her from Milo after he said she looks like a dude (she does) and the cast of Ghostbusters was “Fat and ugly, ugly, ugly, fat” (also true). Jack obliged and Milo was banned. Soon after, Milo’s agent Toby Mundy quit, claiming the Twitter ban would make it hard to market the book and also, “despite our shared support for free speech, we are heading politically in very different direction. 
Despite his volumes of work and hours upon hours of brilliant debates, the left will always see Milo as the handsome white villain who mocked the clunky black girl. This is why fake news site USA Today accused him of being a “white nationalist” guilty of “organizing a targeted racist and sexist harassment campaign” against Jones. In their world, if fans of Milo happen to attack Jones it’s an “organized campaign.” He made it clear to CNN he’s not responsible for what his followers say and they compared his book to Mein Kampf, seriously. They also blamed Trump for all this because the president-elect makes “hatred profitable.” In a TV interview with CNN, Yiannopoulos was asked about his “fat and ugly” tweets because all the media seems to care about is this one sacred cow. It’s the same way Trump was expected to talk for hours about the time he said “grab them by the pussy” 11 years ago. Don’t these assholes realize that their myopic obsession with minutiae is, to quote Greg Gutfeld, an “opposite influencer”? When you dwell on stupid shit, it makes us like the guy more. We now enjoy seeing your jimmies rustled. Milo was happy to respond and explained, “We’ve started to marginalize traditional beauty standards. Now what we’re expected to do is to celebrate body positivity, that it’s okay to abuse their bodies, to run the risk of horrible diseases and awful chronic conditions, and to die sooner.” He also explained that his critique of Jones’ movie was quite measured and actually cut her a lot of slack. So even when they focus on a couple of flippant remarks, he is able to present his argument with a degree of rigor that would surpass almost any free-speech restriction. 
However, there is so much more to the Breitbart editor who shocked college campuses across America with his “Dangerous Faggot” tour. His father is a shady club owner from East London who talks like Ray Winstone and dresses like the Krays, while his mother is a British aristocrat like the blonde from Absolutely Fabulous if she was on Downton Abbey. He came out of nowhere during #Gamergate in 2014 and his inimitable ability to crush in debates quickly garnered him status as the most charismatic conservative since Bill Buckley. I’d like to read his life story, may I? He could have published it as a Kindle but a publisher who publishes books for a living thought they’d like to use their infrastructure to be part of this process because that’s how free markets work. May they? No. He mocked a black woman, thrice.

Fellow black woman Joy Reid of MSNBC was so horrified by Milo’s potential autobiography she decreed, “We have entered a truly hideous age.” These same outraged posers will likely be totally silent about what appears to be a special-needs kid forced to drink toilet water, bound, cut, and tortured because he supported Trump.  Reid linked radical socialist activist Mike Prysner, who summarized Milo’s deal as “How @simonschuster millionaire execs decided to promote & profit from the resurgence of neo-Nazis & white nationalism.” Screaming ex-governor Howard Dean said publishing Milo’s life story is “an embarrassment for S and S.” He then linked to a post by fake news site Think Progress, a company funded by alternative-energy investors who want more money spent on alternative energy. Their headline was “We live in a world where white supremacists get lucrative book deals,” to which I would reply, “We live in a world where men who literally suck black cock are called ‘white supremacists.’” It’s bizarre that a presidential candidate would be citing a radical group like Think Progress, but radical is mainstream to the DNC. The Chicago Review of Books also cited Think Progress when they stated, “In response to this disgusting validation of hate we will not cover a single @simonschuster book in 2017.” This caused a backlash that led to “lostsleep [sic]” but the Review woke back up after hearing Milo say, “There is only one place for lesbians: porn.” As with Trump, the media lose their sense of humor the second he opens his mouth (though they get it back when Wanda Sykes wishes kidney failure on Rush Limbaugh). The book editor of the L.A. Times had a similarly fascist attitude and told the world, “If you approved a $250K book deal for the troll promoting racist sexist views so extreme he got thrown off this platform—we need to talk.” I’m reminded of when Bill McGowan’s Coloring the News came out and after The New York Times Book Review heard their paper was eviscerated within the pages said, “Is this newspaper…the best place to discuss a book that is so critical of this newspaper?” That was back in 2002. This cancerous attitude has metastasized and the philosophy is now “Is this entire media…the place to allow a book that is so critical of our dogma?” 
So, according to the left, a man’s autobiography should not be published if he once blasphemed Leslie Jones. They proudly cite socialists and fake news sites, while we’re “white supremacists” if we’re not ethnomasochists. They’re for free speech unless that speech makes them uncomfortable, in which case it’s “cruelty” and such things should not be allowed a “platform.” Despite all the virtue signaling and human rights posturing, the book recently hit No. 1 on Amazon. Milo sent a screen grab of the listing to Toby Mundy and then told Business Insider, “As is now painfully obvious from my Twitter ban, boycotts tend to make the shunned more popular.” Dangerous hits shelves in March.


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