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Al Gore's untruth sequel

With all of the concern over fake news, one would think people would be pointing accusatory fingers at Al Gore, who to date, has propagated the biggest fake news story of the 21st century.
I speak of course of global warming/climate change, or whatever the fashionable sobriquet of the day is for the movement to force all of us unrepentant sinners into cold dark caves to atone for our wicked fossil fuel addictions.
Although Al Gore's 2005 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth made him and all those involved in it many millions of dollars and won them a Best Documentary Oscar and the adulation of the liberal Hollywood elites, the proles, he shockingly discovered, were willing to shell out $8 to be terrified by his droning monotone predictions of doom and gloom, but had no interest in becoming converts to the church of Global Warming.

While the masses apparently found some entertainment value in watching the nerdy fat ass with the funny voice tell them how the world was doomed, it did not translate into a sudden desire to give up driving, most public transit, travel by airplane, plastics, home heating, artificial light... well in short, modern society.
How could this be? The Hollywood/liberal media elites gasped, we showed them how all of those cute cuddly polar bears are rapidly going extinct, told them how children will never experience snow, that coastal areas will by flooded and ravaged by furious storms, that crops would be wiped out in draught and we'd all starve to death and that civilization as we knew it, if not the very planet had only four, eight, ten (depending on which global elitist you listened to) years to survive.
There were several international confabs in he years following Gore's opus, in Copenhagen, Paris and other exotic locales that celebrities and the world's elites flocked to in their private jets, and traveled from hotel to conference to VIP banquets in limousines, where they privately scratched their heads and wondered collectively, why aren't those peasants listening to us?
We were told that if we didn't stop our sinful ways we would reach the tipping point, and no amount of penance would save us then. Still the plebes could not be swayed, oh sure a few millennials started to ride bikes everywhere, and a few aging hippies sold beeswax candles, but no significant impact could be made in putting the world's industrialized economy under UN control and bankrupting western nations.
That polar bear populations were at record levels, that NYC didn't sink into the Atlantic, there was still snow, the polar ice caps hadn't disappeared, storms, despite CNN's earnest reporting, had not become more frequent or intense perhaps all played a factor in the lumpen proletariat's reluctance to embrace this new religion that Hollywood and the liberal media preached was the only road to salvation.
Even when A list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio took time off from cruising the Med in his mega yacht and interviewed President Obama at the Whitehouse, who informed us, via the learned DiCaprio, that Climate Change (climate change now, so those annoying arctic fronts could be explained away) was the greatest threat to America and the world, the miserable sinners still would
So, we imagine, as Al Gore relaxed by the pool of one of his three mansions, enjoying some of that Global Warming, the thought must have occurred to him, what does Hollywood do when the going gets tough? Why hell, of course! Hollywood makes a sequel.


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