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Ezra Levant, World's Biggest Hypocrite

Well perhaps Ezra Levent isn't the world's biggest hypocrite, but he's certainly up there. Why pray tell? You might ask. And I will tell you, Levant portrays himself as the tireless champion of free speech, but when it comes to any criticism of Canadian corporate media he will do all in his power to silence said criticism, including slandering yours truly.

Why does someone I've never met spread slander about me? I surmise there can be only one reason for him to do so, because I dared to compete against his buddies at Glacier/Post Media. In Canada, if you dare to challenge the market share of the corrupt media companies you will find yourself viciously slandered, possibly subject to phone hacking and blacklisted as a journalist (when it comes to evil corporations they're pretty much the model). Levant began his career with a Glacier Media affiliate and believe me, he would not have been allowed to pursue any of his subsequent media projects without their's, and the rest of the media cabal's blessing. In fact it's very likely that Rebel Media is funded by those selfsame media companies.
So the anti-capitalist, government funded media will never face criticism from Levant and Rebel Media. Unlike Andrew Breitbart, who constantly challenged established media in the U.S, The Rebel tries to protect established media (focusing solely on the public broadcaster the CBC). But nevertheless Levant clearly has dreams of being the Breitbart News of the north (after trying to become Fox News of the north with Sun News failed). The critical difference being, Rebel Media is not truly independent, and the minute their corporate masters say enough, all of those crusading free speech journalists at the Rebel are in for a rude awakening.
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Lauren Southern and a few other Rebel Media personalities should break away and create a truly independent media company while they still can. This is of course exactly what established media is terrified of, which is why they helped create Rebel Media. It's not about ideology for them, it's about market share.
Some of you may think there is no chance Rebel Media will be defanged. However, I would direct you to The National Post. In the late 90s they were going to change the media landscape, now they're a Toronto Star retread, with articles by 'conservative' Kelly McFarland writing how brave (and no, he's not being satirical) President Obama is in stabbing Israel in the back on his way out the door.
Or 'free trader' Terrence Corcoran writing about how Canada's broadcast media duopolies must be protected by limiting consumer choice, cause how dare they have to compete on a level playing field.
These are both writers who contributed to Levant's Western Standard magazine (full disclosure I also used to write for that publication, but I have always been a libertarian and remain a diehard free speech advocate) so don't be too surprised if in the not too distant future Lauren Southern decides maybe feminism isn't all bad, and Sheila Gunn Reid comes down on the side of a national energy program. Remember, you heard it here first.


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