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Toronto Islamophobia march sowing the seeds of Totalitarianism

After the recent, tragic shooting at a mosque in Quebec, the radical left (which is government, media and most of the population of Toronto) are braying for more to be done about 'Islamophobia.' There is no Islamophobia, or discrimination against Muslims in Canada, hate crimes are not on the rise, but they (they being all of the above) want to encourage the Islamophobia narrative in order to accomplish two things:
For government the Islamophobia narrative has given them the excuse to enact anti-blasphemy laws, making it a crime for any citizen to insult Islam, and they clearly intend to enact further, so-called anti-hate speech legislation, which will censor alternative media, and shut down almost any avenue for the free and open exchange of ideas. But not only that, as Professor Jordan Peterson at U of T has famously noted, Canada's Bill C-16, will (in the name of transgender rights) force us to speak government approved words, in effect, they intend to prosecute thought crimes.
Now you may ask how does any of this benefit media? The media monopolies that control print and broadcasting in Canada love the idea of blanket censorship and only government approved media. They will of course be that government approved media, and print especially, will become entirely funded by government, i.e you the taxpayer.
They are partially government funded already, but that won't be enough to stave off bankruptcy, under (effectively) nationalization of the press, executives like the serially incompetent Paul Godfrey will still enjoy a fat salary, without ever having to worry about actually making a profit (not that he seems overly concerned about it now). Approved journalists, as long as they stick to the approved narrative, will have guaranteed jobs for life. So what if it means a end to a free society, job security right?
But what about the general public who march and chant against 'Islamophobia?' Ah, well those are the always dependable useful idiots who will cheer on their own enslavement, with to the bitter end, and will likely look at their chains and proclaim, at least we're safe.


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