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Youtube the multi billion dollar corp that steals from me

A couple of weeks back the ad sense account linked to my Youtube channel showed revenue declining. I don't mean revenue was going down as compared to previous days, accrued revenue in my account was being subtracted. At first just a couple of dollars a day, but now it's $9-$10, so at that pace it won't take long until my entire account is emptied.
During this period my fewer ship has increased substantially, in a 45 day period I gained 3000 subscribers and went from just several hundred views to almost 400,000. Yes I've had a few of my nearly 50 videos demonetized, but actually none of the real blockbuster ones (over 10,000 views) and I've received no community or copyright strikes. So what's going on?
This is exactly what I asked Youtube, repeatedly. At first their answer was analytics and Ad Sense can take a few days to reconcile their numbers, when I pointed out I was talking about a period of weeks, not days, Youtube simply declared the majority of views on my channel invalid.
Invalid why? No further explanation is forthcoming, it would seem, but am I to believe that they believe a small group of highly industrious persons are creating hundreds of thousands of Youtube accounts and writing thousands and thousands of comments on my channel in order to... well to what?
Ok so, perhaps Youtube thinks I'm the scammer, creating fake accounts to scam Ad Sense, but are just too polite to say it. Except by virtue of Youtube's own analytics they can see my traffic comes from the world over, they really think I've set up phantom accounts in Bahrain in order to scam a few pennies from Ad Sense?
Excuse me if I find that one tough to swallow. In the meantime Google (Youtube's parent company), who generated $90 million in revenue last year, which has a market cap of $534 billion, finds it necessary to steal $10 a day out of my account?
Perhaps if things are really that bad I should head over to the Google campus and see if I can buy Larry and Sergey a cup of coffee or something.
But seriously, we know Google is not stealing my Ad Sense money because they need it, they just want to take away any incentive for me to keep creating content that they deem 'wrong think.'
It's sad that the innovators behind Youtube and Google are so threatened by thoughts, ideas, words and images simply because they don't agree with them. It's because they lived in a free world that fostered innovation they were able to create the companies they did, but now want to close the door behind them.
Well, go ahead Larry and Sergey steal money from me, you're not stopping me, you are only sowing the seeds of your own demise.


  1. I feel for your plight. I just make comment on issues I find on idiot Trudeau and Nutley and find myself suspended for 'wrong think'.


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