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The horribleness of dating people with different opinions

One of Canada's national newspapers, the left leaning Globe & Mail ( the other being the left leaning National Post) ran a column last weekend by the horribly oppressed Tina Petrick. Petrick describes herself as a single woman nearing thirty (women are, as much as they try to deny it, consciously aware of their sell by date) trying to navigate the minefield of dating that is Calgary.
For non-Canadian readers, Calgary is Canada's Dallas, the capital of the country's oil and gas industry. A once very prosperous city, it attracted people like Petrick looking for the new opportunities that a robust economy provides. Unfortunately so many of Petrick's type have moved to Calgary and the province of Alberta that a year and half a go they voted in a socialist government and the economy has tanked.
That hasn't caused every capitalist in the city and province to flee, there's still a lot of money in Alberta that the government hasn't taxed away yet, and Petrick apparently was hoping to marry into some of it.
Alas, those wealthy business men who treat her to romantic getaways at luxury lodges in the Rockies, yacht trips and penthouse dinners, have decidedly un-lefty views. The former Vancouver native, was shocked that the well-heeled men she dates in Calgary don't share the same political views as her shaggy haired, seaweed tea drinking dates in Vancouver.
They might smell better than Vancouver hippies, and certainly have lots more disposable income, but dang, some of those oil and gas men don't worship faithfully at the church of Global Warming (quell surprise). And worse yet some of them, gasp, wouldn't have voted for Hillary Clinton if given the chance.
Poor Petrick, here she is, looking 30 in the face and her chances of marrying a man who can keep her in Gucci rapidly diminishing, yet still no wealthy, but politically correct mate on the horizon. Well, in our humble opinion here are her two options: decide that the good life is worth the pain of enduring a few disagreements from time to time, or buy a cat and get used to granola and hemp clothing.


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