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The Near Criminal Dishonesty of the Media

We're just two days away from the U.S presidential election and incredibly, Hillary Clinton, who is under not one, but two FBI investigations retains a close lead over Donald Trump.
The media, that is the Main Stream Media (including Fox) still point fingers at Trump, saying he wants to imprison Hillary, and that somehow is beyond the pale.

Actually what Trump said, in front of millions of viewers during the third debate, was that, when elected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary. Considering what we know already about the Clinton Foundation and pay for play, her mishandling of classified material, and the continued bombshells from Wikileaks that sounds entirely reasonable, to my mind anyway, but then I consider myself relatively sane.

The MSM rail against FBI Director James Comey, but barely a peep is heard about why he is (supposedly) breaking protocol, in conducting a major investigation close to an election.
Ask yourself this, if evidence of Watergate (or some similar wrong doing by Nixon)  broke before the 1972 election, would the media insist the FBI and DOJ stand on protocol and not investigate? Even if you're a die hard Hillary supporter, if you're honest you know if it was Nixon, or any other Republican in a similar position as Hillary is today vis-a-vis the FBI, protocol be damned, the truth must out!

Instead we're told Trump's naughty words said in private (from over a decade ago) make him unfit to be president. While Hillary's attempts to reignite the Cold War are a'okay with them.

In short the media are despicable. I could rant on, but why, they have already in this election cycle, shown themselves to be corrupt beyond redemption. They clear stories with the Clinton campaign, they feed debate questions to Hillary, and ignore multiple examples of criminal wrongdoing on the part of their favoured candidate.

Meanwhile alt-right media is tarred with the brush of racism, because gasp, they don't agree with the self appointed elites. President Obama has floated the idea of state censorship of alternative media (the truthiness test) and Hillary made crushing the alt-right media a campaign plank, citing provocative headlines from Milo Yiannopoulos, a self-described effete gay man, who strikes fear into the hearts of progressives everywhere, because he has the ability to influence college kids.

If Obama and Hillary had their way, the First Amendment would be superseded by the interests of the State and their compliant useful idiots in the MSM. There's the irony, the MSM see themselves as the elite, when really they're the easily manipulated fools, who will cheerlead their own demise. Since, as we've seen the world over, it never stops at one segment of the media. Once government sets the precedent they will never stop until only a Pravda like press is all that's left

If you don't like big government, big business, corporate media control, then you must vote Trump. Remember the people telling you to vote for Hillary, are already lined up at the trough, not realizing, they're really lined up for the slaughter.


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