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Time Magazine Goes Full SJW
There was a very funny (and very politically incorrect) line in the Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr. movie Tropical Thunder, when Downey's character (who had turned himself black to get a role) advises Stiller, "Never go full retard." I bring it up because recently Time Magazine published an oped blaming Hillary's FBI investigation on, that's right, sexism.

This would be a good example of going full SJW (which is remarkably similar to going full retard, in case you missed the connection). Most left wing publications like the NY Times, USA Today, etc. Try to avoid full on SJW (Social Justice Warrior) ranting, and couch their left/liberal bias in more subtle opinion pieces and skewed reporting.

But Time maintains Hillary's woes are entirely due to her sex, because the media wouldn't be bothered with a presidential candidate being investigated by the FBI (twice) if she was male. Uh, gee Time, have you ever heard of Nixon, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Bill Clinton's impeachment? Any of that ring a bell? And while I'm fairly certain all of the regressives at Time are onboard with the 31 official genders recognized by NYC, I doubt Nixon identified as non-binary, or therein. Basically he was a  good old fashioned male, which the media had no trouble skewering with passion noticeably lacking in the reporting of Hillary's many transgressions.

But as with all SJWs, what let reality get in the way of anything? Hillary's a women running for president and if anyone, especially those big meanies at the FBI, dare bring up dead Americans in Benghazi, pay for play and tens of thousands of classified emails on some guy's server in Denver, then that's just sexist, and probably racist and transphobic too.


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