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'Fake news'' the new code for government control

ISIS can still recruit followers to their terrorist organization on social media sites, but Breitbart tech editor, Milo Yianopoulos is banned from Twitter because he said Leslie Jones looks like a man (and honestly, raise your hand if you disagree).
This was the first shot across the bow in the war on alternative news, which in the face of the MSM liberal colossus, has become the default voice of the right/libertarians. Now, however, government has decided the warning shots didn't work, if anything it only seemed to provoke those pesky free speech advocates demanding their Constitutional rights.
So how to get around the First Amendment or Canada's less stringent, but still constitutionally protected right to free speech? The answer has become 'fake news.' Originally the government (i.e former U.S administration under Obama, state and local governments and federal, provincial and municipal governments in Canada) had tried to suppress free speech under hate laws. This was a little easier in Canada, where there is a hate speech clause in the constitution, but even in the U.S. many an SJW could be heard chanting "hate speech isn't free speech!" But hate speech, was just too ill-defined for a blanket anti-free speech policy, as even the massively liberal MSM could not seriously promote a policy or policies that labeled micro-aggressions (like Halloween costumes) hate speech or  'misgendering' someone violence.
In Canada, at the municipal level no less, the city of Saskatoon tried to enact an anti-bullying bylaw that was in effect an attempt to make free speech a thought crime. Going so far as to give police the ability to fine people (municipalities do not have the right to legislate criminal law) for 'inappropriate' comments that were simply overheard. If put into effect, you'd no longer be free to tell an off colour joke to your buddies when out at a bar, for fear that someone might hear it, be offended and that trip to the pub for a few pints with friends could result in thousands of dollars in fines. Thankfully it didn't pass, due to public outrage. Most of which originated from Australian blogger, Bearing, while the local news media thought it un-newsworthy.
Which brings us to 'fake' news. The powers that be (government/MSM) realized that if a cartoon bear halfway round the world (for example) could undo their carefully thought out Orwellian plans then what was needed was a way to block the public from ever seeing or hearing such 'dangerous' thoughts.
Proudly leading the way in denying people their basic civil rights is Justin 'sunny ways' Trudeau, the uneducated, inexperienced trust fund baby with the famous name (in Canada) that allowed him (along with good hair) to become Prime Minister. He appointed Heritage Minister Melanie Joly (pictured above) to get to the bottom of this whole fake news thing, which he attributes directly to his gal pal Hillary Clinton not becoming the first female president of the U.S (a real blow for such a committed feminist).
His other pal, former President Obama, also blamed 'fake' news for the Democratic Party rout in the November election. But there's little he or the Democrats can do, with the loss of the presidency, senate and house not to mention the vast majority of state legislatures. Canada on the other hand is free to enact anti-free speech measures, as they did recently with a Islamic anti-blasphemy law.

Allah is my bitch! That technically is illegal to say or write in Canada now. You are of course free to put a crucifix in a jar of piss or smear cow dung on a picture of the Virgin Mary (both 'art' pieces that the liberal left championed under free speech). Of course North America is far behind their European cousins in the anti-free speech race. In Germany and the U.K social media is monitored by the police for any anti-Islamic sentiment. In the U.K a man was sentenced to six months in jail for putting a bacon sandwich in front of a mosque, meanwhile a Muslim child rapist received just five months in jail, cause he like, felt really, really bad about it, and totally would never do it again.
Angela Merkel famously, or infamously, asked Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, if more couldn't be done to censor his social media site; since what's more important, dealing with rampant crime by the flood of refugees invading your country, or stopping your citizens from hearing or talking about said crimes? Obviously the latter if your the Chancellor of Germany. And Zuckerberg dutifully informed Merkel he'd get right on that.
Because, as noted, the U.S still has that annoying First Amendment, Facebook couldn't outright block posts it deemed thought crimes as it does in Germany, nor could the police arrest you for thought crimes as they now do in the U.K (home of the Magna Carta, sigh). So Zuckerberg appointed a committee made up of reliable left wing news sites to monitor Facebook for 'fake news.' Twitter was already ahead of the game, simply banning people it didn't like, which doesn't include mass murderers or child rapists, just effete gay men and libertarian English vloggers:

That Silicon Valley is so quick to jump in line with the anti-free speech wishes of the power elites is extremely short sighted, but then such is the history of corporate America. Thinking themselves to be, 'on the right side of history,' by banning and censoring people, they fail to see that once the precedent is set government will run with it, and as usual those with totalitarian impulses often fall victim to the totalitarianism they helped bring about.
Back in Canada, the social media revolution and citizen journalism was decried by one Liberal MP, saying, "anyone can just write whatever they want and publish it." Gasp, how awful we should live in a society with such freedoms, clearly this must be stopped. And so the right to free speech in Canada will soon go the way of Germany and the U.K. banned. Not under hate speech provisions, but for our own protection against 'fake news.' Canada's media concentration, the highest in the developed world is ripe for such legislation. Corporate media enjoys universal subsidies from government in Canada and will happily go along with whatever anti-free speech measure is enacted as long as they continue to enjoy their monopoly on consumer news.
Trudeau is a simpleton, but a simpleton who publicly admires the late Fidel Castro and the Chinese dictatorship, and his minders are only to happy to go along with his wishes for more state control over media. Will this simpleton's desire to protect, the protected classes from harsh words become the model for the U.S? Perhaps not in the age of Trump, but the MSM, George Soros and other globalists will certainly use Canada as a talking point. 'Look at Canada, so polite, so progressive,' is how I imagine their arguments will go. Making surrendering our basic civil rights sound like the polite thing to do.
Of course, as those who still pick up a book once and awhile and haven't numbed our brains on
celebrity news know, once government has power over you they never let it go.


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