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Tristin Hopper: All the Fake News fit to Print

Not wanting to miss the 'Trump is a Nazi' bandwagon, National Post 'journalist' Tristin Hopper penned a column suggesting a Canadian conservative of Iranian birth was now banned from the U.S.
That is, in a word, a lie. Kaz Nejatian, the Iranian born Canadian in question, is not a dual citizen and travels on a valid Canadian passport, mainly to the Bay area where his tech business is based. So there are no restrictions on his travel.
Just as there are no restrictions on former Israeli Minister of Defence, Shaul Mofaz, who happened to be born in Tehran in 1948, but has been an Israeli citizen his entire adult life, there are no travel restrictions on Israelis, but that didn't stop Hopper from claiming there were (hey, why let truth get in the way, right?)

Hopper is of course the journalist who defamed me on Twitter a few weeks ago, so I'm already familiar with his complete (and actionable) dishonesty. However, many National Post readers, thinking that publication to be a reputable one by virtue, perhaps, of its large government subsidy, may not be, and so consider Hopper's writing to have some relationship with the truth.
This is the era not only of fake news, but topsy-turvydom, where the (so-called) mainstream media accuse upstart bloggers and vloggers of desseminating fake news, while doing exactly that what they accuse others of.

While this might make for an interesting premise in a Gilbert and Sullivan play, it is an alarming trend for the Fourth Estate. Especially in Canada, where media is highly concentrated in the hands of just a few large companies, all of which enjoy government subsidy. As bad as that is, it is about to get much worse, as print media conglomerates are demanding a government bailout and will likely have to agree to some sort of nationalization as a result. Meaning blatantly dishonest, and libellous 'journalists' like Hopper, will receive a generous taxpayer supported salary to 'report' government approved 'news' (yes I know I'm overdoing the scare quotes, but it's a scary thought).
What a brave new world we're entering.


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