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Post truth Toronto Star spreads Muslim ban lie

Canada's largest city, Toronto, recently was host to a large anti-free speech rally. Er, actually it was billed as a anti-Islamaphobia rally, but effectively it was a rally for Black Lives Matter and assorted SJWs to call for the shutting down of all speech they disagree with (which is an awful lot).
True to form they even believe that whilst protesting publicly and disrupting others they have the right to demand no one (they don't approve of, which is also an awful lot) film them.
See link below for Genuinewitty's ( experience with autocratic demands of the anti-fascist, fascists: 

The usual suspects were all in attendance, including hate monger Yusra Khogali, the woman who writes on social media about her strong desire to cut up white people, and who yells "coon" at Ethiopian immigrants who dare to speak against her hate filled agenda. 
None of this stopped the City of Toronto from honouring with a race relations award, but that's a mother matter.
In our topsy turvy world it is the Yusra Khogalis of the world who are considered the peacemakers and the Lauren Southerns who are the hate mongers (if you remember Lauren was insulted by Khogali at a free speech rally last summer and then attacked by... well no one's sure what really)
this is all aided and abetted by the MSM.
Long time leftist columnist for the Toronto Star, Heather Mallick, always a reliable source for the spreading of lies and malice, continued her ongoing Trump hate on, writing about the non-existent Muslim ban. After praising Obama appointee and acting U.S Attorney General, Sally Yates for defying Trump's non-existent Muslim ban, she then went on to talk about Kasra Nejatian.
You might remember him from another column, where National Post defamer, Tristin Hopper, 'reported' how the Iranian born Canadian citizen was trapped in San Francisco (where his tech business is located) because he wouldn't be able to get back into the U.S if he left.
Canadian citizens are not banned from travel to the U.S, it's a preposterous claim, and clearly an absolute falsehood. But in Canada's print media monopoly one columnist, apparently, just cribs the same lies from another columnist Remember this when the government bans alternative media as fake news). 


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