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The conservative leadership race according to Lauren Southern

To be fair the above headline should include Faith Goldy, but there's only so much room. At any rate the two Rebel Media reporters posted a piece online attempting to explain the Canadian Conservative Party leadership race to be decided this May. It's a crucial choice for a party that's gotten it so wrong, so many times, and to bungle it this time means another four years of Justin Trudeau, and he's already done a lot of damage.
If you're as yet unfamiliar with the boy king (his father, Pierre, ruled Canada for 16 years) then check out this link:
 And that's no exaggeration, a lot of his 'finest' moments didn't even make the cut.

However back to the Tory leadership race, as far as anyone sensible person should be concerned right-leaning Maxine Bernier is the only choice for Canada.
And to her credit, Lauren Southern chose Bernier as her top pick for Conservative leader and (hopefully) Prime Minister. Faith Goldy, who always struck me as having something of an authoritarian bent (and therefore cool to libertarian ideology) thought Bernier's halting English was too much of a handicap. But, again as Southern pointed out, it was never a problem for former Liberal Prime Minister, Jean Chretien.

That said, both the Rebel gals got positively giddy in their approximations of Tory insider, Andrew Scheer's looks (Lauren's a chubby chaser, who knew). Now, there's no denying Scheer's impressive rise in politics. Unlike the little prince, Trudeau, he had to do it through determination and intelligence, becoming the youngest speaker of the house at 35. He's shown himself to be a decent debater, and at times even witty. But you don't become the favourite son of the Tory establishment at 37 (or any age for that matter) by espousing `an end to corporate welfare (as Bernier does) or making an uncompromising stand on any point of ideology. Faith Goldy has been in established media, so she is likely aware that corporate welfare is what keeps her pay cheques coming. Like many on the Canadian Right, she talks partisan politics, and may make a big deal about issues like gun control, but at the end of the day the status quo reins.

Scheer, would be, in short, a disaster. He's a compromiser in the long tradition of Tory leaders, so desperate to capture the mushy middle he abandon's all that he stands for (whatever that might be) and we end up with Liberal Lite, which is only a tad improvement over Liberal Classic (not to be confused with classical liberalism).

The giddy gals at the Rebel correctly identified another of the 14 Tory contenders, Michael Chong as a sheep in sheep's clothing, unfortunately they don't get (or in Goldy's case, don't want to admit) that aside from Bernier, the 13 other candidates are different forms of Liberal Lite. Sure there are a couple of hardcore social conservatives in the mix, but even they are at their core, big government types.

They did however, correctly identify Kevin O'Leary as a raging liberal.


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